Amy and Karl's Wedding Reading

Ever you & I, we have moved in ellipses. Often small, a mile or a day. But sometimes great sweeping arcs carrying us across the globe, to the greatest unknowns we couldn't have dreamed of.
A bond not given but chanced upon like an acquaintance in the street. Who could have known such affection was within? But we built and we grew and what times were ahead. Provoked by the other to new experiences, to the 'where?' and the 'when?' and the...'alright, let's go!'. Our tapestry of recollections are different yet inextricably shared as once again our paths intersected. Far flung we were but like comets returned to a singular point.
From sunrises in Brum to sunsets in Sydney. From one pound nine and 'any change?' to schooners under soaring white sails. From the sound of wailing sirens to the crash of smashing steins. And to all of those we met on the way, Andrew & Louie, Gunter & Brad, that sheep that had seen better days. We saw the world on the back of flying pink elephants and oh the things that we've seen! So many stories you'll tell your children, so many stories I won't tell mine.
But now a new orbit, your most important ellipse. You are something spectacular to that man beside you and the most exciting adventure starts today. But you will ever be my sister, you will ever be my friend.

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