10 things I hate about this bus

Day 139 - Automotive hell

1, lights off from the off.
2, no movies.
3, people are playing music off their phones
4, no food provided, I want my packed lunch.
5, aircon is set to stun.
6, the decor is shit.
7, I want to go somewhere snowy and it's taking me to Sao Paulo.
8, the woman that has just spent 20 minutes in the driver's cabin may have been administering executive relief, this service is not available to passengers.
9, not enough stops.
10, the conductor is forced to wear claret trousers with a salmon pink shirt and a claret tie, that is cruel.
11, the seat next to me isn't occupied by a pretty Brazilian girl with tight clothes and loose morals.
12, too many stops.
13, it cost eighty dollars.
14, it's trying to kill me.

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